"Somebody NEEDS YOU" Video

Show this to the kids! DaniMation Entertainment is headed by Dani Bowman, whom is on the autistic spectrum.

Somebody NEEDS YOU from Dani Bowman on Vimeo.

"So.. I was up allll night last night, as I usually am when crunch time on a project!
This project is very close to my heart because it will be the first animated short submitted to the Annie Awards. We had to publish it last night in order to qualify, but this is not the final. It still needs lots of clean up, and other dead lines to meet in order to get it submitted to the Annies.
...and this is a BIG 'ALSO'!
This is a very limited release, we will soon bring it down, so take a look and enjoy it and feel free to comment since we are still working on it. but keep in mind that you can only see it for a couple more days.

This was the first phase of getting it to the Annie's, still have a long way to go.
As always a huge thank you to Toon Boom Animation for their support.

Somebody Needs You is a story about a distracted little girl who thinks she's not important. Once she sees that others around her have real problems, she discovers something new about herself.

Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon, founder of EDU Designs, created the story & music and assists in animation & production.

The animated short features the voice talents of the incomparable June Foray. Best known for her work on Rocky and Bullwinkle in the early 60's, and a myriad of cartoon characters over the years, June created the annual Annie Awards in 1972 to recognize the contributions of individuals in the Animation Industry. "June lent her voice to our story as a personal favor to me. " - Ruth

Dani Bowman is the director and chief animator of our project. Dani founded DaniMation Entertainment (formally Power Light Animation Studios), of La Cañada, CA, at the remarkable age of 14. As a high functioning individual with Autism, she has a passion for public speaking, animation, and teaching the arts to others on the spectrum. After Dani agreed to work personally with me on this film, I knew I had found a partner. "She has been the prime mover in bringing this work-of-love to life." - Ruth

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