UCSF Study on Autism

Children Needed for UCSF Study on Autism ($80)

The Brain Development Research Program, Dr. Elliott Sherr's at UCSF, is looking for volunteers to participate in a research study on Autism Spectrum Disorders. We are recruiting children ages 1-10 who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), children who are considered at-risk for ASD (either a younger sibling of a child with ASD or a toddler suspected of developmental delay), and healthy, typically developing volunteers to serve as control participants. Although we are looking for participants of all ages, we are focused on those ages 1-10.

Our study is looking at biochemical changes in the blood that may help diagnose and treat ASD. Study participation will include a visit to UCSF for a blood draw, cognitive testing, and completion of neuropsychological surveys. Visits will range from 2-6 hours with some time completing surveys at home. All participants will be compensated $60 for completing the questionnaires and in-person cognitive testing, $20 for the blood draw, and parking at the UCSF Campus will be covered by the study.

Please fill out the following appropriate survey and we will contact you regarding enrollment:

https://redcap.ucsf.edu/surveys/?s=DIx2ySx5sS (Patient with ASD or suspected ASD)

https://redcap.ucsf.edu/surveys/?s=W8XzTkyucC (Healthy Control)

For more information, check out our webpage at: http://brain.ucsf.edu/biomarker-discovery-autism-spectrum-disorders