Teaching Autistic Students Cheat Sheet

SASSNA recently released a new publication that makes evidence-based teaching methods for autistic students available to everyone in a concise and understandable format. Our "Teaching Autistic Students Cheat Sheet" is a concise list of research-backed teaching methods that can be viewed and shared electronically, or printed out. The document can be used by anyone - parents, educators, therapists, other service providers - to quickly gain a core set of methods for teaching autistic students. SASSNA encourages the document to be freely shared (please keep the document as is so that SASSNA is credited for its publication). This publication of the document is the first version and the document may be updated in the future. Questions regarding the document and its content may be directed to SASSNA. Comments and suggestions may also be directed to SASSNA.

To directly download the cheat sheet as a PDF file, please click the following button:

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