Taal (Rhythm): A Dance Program for Mentally-Diverse Youth

The Sacramento Autistic Spectrum and Special Needs Alliance (SASSNA) is excited to announce a new offering for our community. Taal, which translates to "rhythm" in English, is a series of no-cost, recreational and educational dance classes designed with the mentally-diverse student in mind.

Over a period of eight weeks, students will have fun learning dance routines in a variety of styles. While learning dance skills will be an element of the classes, the most important goal is for students to have fun! Students of all kinds and all skill levels are welcome to participate. There will be no pressure on any student to master dance moves. Just enjoy yourself! The classes will be taught by a handful of wonderful UC Davis students with significant backgrounds in professional-level dance and these teachers will be supported by the expertise in mentally-diverse youth of professional SASSNA staff. The classes are designed to have students dropped off and then picked up at the end of class, but limited space for adults to observe classes will be available.

SASSNA is hoping to host additional sets of classes in the future; here are the details for our first set:

  • Classes will be Sundays from 3:30P to 5:00P, each Sunday starting September 25th and the final class on November 13th.
  • Classes will be located in studio 1 at the Sierra 2 Center at 2791 24th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818.
  • Classes will be for ages 10 through 16.
  • There are no fees for the classes. (Voluntary donations are welcome. SASSNA is a 501c3 organization.)
  • Students should wear comfortable clothes that they can move easily in, and wear tennis shoes or any type of sneakers. (Students will likely spend time dancing with and without shoes on. Students needing modifications from our dress code will be accommodated.)
  • SASSNA invites all types of mentally-diverse youth to participate in Taal. SASSNA will attempt to provide all accommodations necessary for a student to successfully participate.
  • Students must be enrolled in the classes in order to participate (enrollment form is below). Classes are not intended for walk-ins. Classes are capped at 15 students maximum.

Questions about the Taal program should be addressed to SASSNA. Our contact information can be found here.

To enroll a student in the first set of Taal classes, please complete and submit the enrollment form below. Please only enroll a student if the student will attend at least most of the classes. After submitting the below enrollment form, a SASSNA representative will contact you as soon as possible by phone in order to confirm your enrollment.

Student's Full Name *
Student's Full Name
Full name of the participating youth.
Legal Guardian's Full Name *
Legal Guardian's Full Name
Full name of the student's legal guardian.
The age of the student. The first set of classes is for ages 10 through 16.
The gender of the student.
The diagnosis or disability of the student. This is optional. However, the information will assist us in providing a good experience for the student. We will keep this information confidential.
Legal Guardian's Physical Address *
Legal Guardian's Physical Address
The full physical address of the legal guardian.
Legal Guardian's Phone *
Legal Guardian's Phone
The best contact number for the legal guardian.
You can provide any additional information here, such as further details about the student, accommodations necessary for the student, and etcetera. We will keep this information confidential.