Sign the Petition to Save KFBK's Nighttime Service

NewsRadio KFBK, and in particular The Pat Walsh Show, have been supportive of our organization. They have given us air time on multiple occasions to talk about our news and fundraising activities. By supporting SASSNA, KFBK is supporting local mentally-diverse youth.

As such, we believe that we should support KFBK in a current effort that they are undertaking. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently proposed to reduce KFBK’s protected service area, which will make it difficult for many of their listeners to receive their programming, especially at night and during morning and evening drive times. KFBK has created a petition to let the FCC know that the community does NOT want to lose access to KFBK’s programming at night. We support this petition and ask you to support it as well.