The items on this page are for use by new and current clients.


New Client Intake Packet

  • Please click the following button to download our new client intake packet:
  • Then review the packet. The first eight (8) pages of the packet are important and the rest is supplemental. You do not need to complete any information on the documents or sign them, because you will do this below from this web page. If you have any questions regarding the material in the packet, then please contact SASSNA's CEO Dave Gaines at or (916) 416-3113 and he will be happy to address your questions.
  • There are two documents in the packet that we require clients to complete and sign. These are the Client Confidentiality Statements and Agreement on page one (1) of the packet and the Notice of Privacy Practices Client Acknowledgment on page eight (8). We have set up an online method for clients to quickly and easily electronically complete and sign, and submit the documents. Please click the following button to start the short process:
  • That's it! You're done. Your information has been sent to us and we've been notified about it. You don't need to let us know that you submitted it. Thank you for choosing SASSNA to serve you!